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Easter 2016 Congregational Prayer led by Tim Relyea
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In this prayer for our world, our nations, our community, and ourselves, I ask you to join in the refrain after each of the four parts. Each part will end with brief silent prayer followed by the refrain “Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.”  When you hear me say “Lord in your mercy. . .”  please join in together with “hear our prayer”.

Creator God, we call upon your great healing power for the many rifts in our world.
Can you bring peace again in the Middle East?
Can you do something about this refugee crisis?
Can you sow seeds of hope and calm in places recently racked by violence and despair?
How can you address intolerance and racism that infects our communities, our world?
Can you open our eyes to how you are already working for peace
in ways that we cannot fathom or understand?
God who created us, and walks with us in this beautiful and troubled world,
can you hear our prayers even when they are only questions?
We silently offer to you our prayers for this world, your creation. <PAUSE>
Lord in your mercy . . . hear our prayer.

O God, we pray for your mercy and wisdom in this nation and in our home lands.
Can you send Your Spirit to touch the hearts of our nation’s leaders--
those who lead now and those who may lead in the future?
Will you open their minds to the great worth of human life
and the responsibilities that accompany human freedom?
How can we, your people, more faithfully abide by the understanding
that true happiness is rooted in seeking and doing Your will and not that of other worldly powers?
We silently offer to you our prayers for this nation and our home lands. <PAUSE>
Lord in your mercy . . . hear our prayer.

Lord, we ask you to hear our prayers
when we call out our thanks for the blessings of our community
and when we raise our concerns for those whom you place in our daily lives.
We remember Dylan Refeld who was a student here and died last year.
We pray for the well-being and fulfillment of students and faculty traveling now in South Africa.
What do you want us to see today through the eyes of our friends?
What do you want us to discover through the questions of our young adults?
How do you want us to be shaped by the generosity of our people in the middle?
Who do you want us to become by listening to the wisdom of our elders?
Why have you placed us in community, Lord,
except as a way of learning more about your goodness?
We silently offer to you our prayers for this community. <PAUSE>
Lord in your mercy . . . hear our prayer.

Jesus, you show us the promise of freedom and new life in your resurrection,
You reveal the love of God that overcomes death and suffering.
You make clear our commandment to love one another.
We praise you in this Easter time for the joy of these gifts.
And yet why are we are often so afraid of sharing the suffering of those around us?
Do you see that sometimes we turn our faces, our hearts,
from the deepest pain of those you bring into our lives?
Can you forgive us for minimizing the pain of others,
and downplaying their burdens?
Can you help us imagine how we would want to be treated,
if we were in their shoes?
Can you give us the courage to act that way?
We silently raise up to you our prayers for ourselves. <PAUSE>

Lord in your mercy . . . hear our prayer.