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Isaiah 43:19
“I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?”

What is the point of a religious or spiritual life in the 21st century?
After all, science has taken us to the moon and we have seen the surface of the stars;
the mystery religion wants to hold no longer seems seductive.
After all, people still say ugly things to each other and abuse each other’s dignity;
the goodness religion is supposed to give no longer seems persuasive.
After all, we haven’t been able to build the utopia religion has promised us;
the dream of religion no longer seems imminent.
After all, what’s the point?
Where’s the value of religion or spirituality for my educated and enlightened self?

Yet, many days, I yearn for something new
because there’s too much same old same old.
Many days, I sigh
because the cycle of dishonesty and corruption seems
I’m dizzy from walking in circles.

Yet, if I can grab the wall and stand still for a moment,
if I will wait silently,
can I perceive it?
It is quieter than this morning’s snowfall,
but as sure as
the ground it lands on.

Oh yes...
It’s calling me

to inhabit these words
from Isaiah
to be
[the] new thing;
… [that] springs forth!
to be the one Bible that people might actually read;
to dare to love the unlovable,
to have courage to believe the unprovable
to have eyes to see the invisible.

Ah --

It’s calling me.