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May I offer something to you today?
How about 10 minutes to sit in silence to reflect on what you are doing here and why you are working so hard?
Maybe you can reflect on 10 things you are grateful for or,
10 people that inspire you to persevere and to be kind and caring today.
Is that 10 minutes too long of a time? Then, maybe 7 minutes you can spare
in between brunch and your homework for A block tomorrow. I bet you can smile at 7
because it is the lucky number that reminds you of your good fortune to wake up today,
to see snow covered hills, and to enjoy the sweetness of real maple syrup.
If 7 minutes seems daunting yet, then try for 5. What a gift to have 5 minutes in your day uninterrupted by digital dings or annoying things. You owe it to yourself to take that break;
you really deserve it.
But, yes, I know, even 5 minutes is a lot for your busy schedule. After all you have academic assignments and workjob and sports, or dance, or music or art, or let’s be real,
just hanging out with friends.
If 5 is too much, then shoot for 3. 3 minutes of quiet, alone time can recharge your soul if you will breathe and watch how your energy centers around the movement of in, then out,
in, then out.
Yet, 3 minutes without distraction has been hard for me, a novice to such mindfulness, I will confess. Maybe you can relate.

But a moment we can do.
A moment to know that we are valued beings,
that we will make a difference to others,
and that every day, together, 
small bit by small bit, we are making a better world.