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As chaplain, I often share with our school the news of the passing of any current or former member of our community.
Today, I also share with you the news of the passing of Clayton "Aaron" Wheeler and Kathleen Grady, our neighbors in Greenfield.

Aaron and Kathleen did not have a home, and they died during the very cold weather we all experienced several days ago.
They were ordinary people like each one of us, with moments of joy and pain in their lives, like each one of us. And they lived not very far from us, just 15 minutes from our home on this hill.

'What can we do?', you might be asking.
you can allow yourself to feel uncomfortable; that is your compassion crying out for the loss of human life that is just as valuable as your own.
You can learn more (  and ),
you can allow yourself to be changed, in some, important way. It is up to you to figure out what and when that change will be -- maybe now, maybe in ten years.
But don't allow yourself to ignore the lives of Aaron and Kathleen.

Every life
deserves to be remembered.